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4-STAR Seal

Broward Begins Recertification!

Broward’s 4-STAR Story

Broward County is proud of our achievements during our first STAR Communities reporting effort. Overall, we did very well, reporting over 500 initiatives throughout the community and successfully earning 436 points in the assessment. In February 2014, Broward County was Recognized for National Excellence in Sustainability when we became the first county government in the United States to achieve a 4-STAR Certified Community Rating. What is STAR?

The STAR Community Rating System is the nation’s leading comprehensive framework and certification program for evaluating local sustainability, encompassing economic, environmental, and social performance measures. The STAR rating system’s evaluation measures collectively define community-scale sustainability and presents a vision of how communities can become more healthy, inclusive, and prosperous.

Time to Recertify

It’s time for Broward County to recertify our STAR Rating. The County’s Environmental Planning and Community Resilience Division will lead a community-wide data collection effort from June – November of 2018. We expect more than 30 different county departments and community partners to support the initiative. This round, we also invite our 31 municipalities to help us gather success stories and best practices to include in our assessment. The public is invited to join us as well! See the Get Involved tab for how you can participate in the 2018 assessment.

New Goals & Objectives

The STAR Rating System has been updated. It now has the following 45 Objectives under 8 Goal Areas.

Get Involved

We invite you to participate in this Broward community-wide assessment. First, look at the STAR v2 Rating System​ to learn more about the types of questions included in each objective area. If you know of a data set, program, policy, or best practice that would met the intent of one of the actions or outcomes, send it to us via this STAR Public Survey​.

Thank you for helping us showcase the strength and vibrancy of our Broward community!​​​​​​​

Photo Gallery

Under the STAR rating system, we reported over 500 initiatives throughout the community.

These initiatives benefitted our community by improving everything from how safe our residents feel, how successful our schools are, and how fast our emergency response times are, to things like workforce readiness, housing affordability, and civic engagement. STAR has broadened how we view sustainability in Broward – expanded to capture all aspects of community well-being, economy, and environment.

This photo gallery is a sample of some of the great work and programs provided by Broward County and our partners throughout the community. Together, we are 4-STAR Broward!​​​​