ABCs of Calling 911

Help 911 help you by remembering these ABCs when you call for help:

Answer the dispatcher’s questions – Know your location

If you don’t know the exact address, provide the 911 dispatcher with landmarks or cross streets. If you are in a building, be sure to give the floor and/or office number.

Be sure to stay on the line – You will delay response if you hang up

If you accidentally called 911 stay on the line and let the dispatcher know. If you hang up, the 911 dispatcher will call your number back to make sure everything is alright. A law enforcement officer will be dispatched if they get no answer or a busy signal. This will needlessly take resources away from genuine emergencies.

Carefully follow instructions – You can give aid until help arrives

Until first responders arrive, the 911 dispatcher may provide you with instructions for keeping the patient safe and comfortable. Listen carefully to the instruction.