Tips for Kids

Teach Your Children How to Call 911

Parents should teach their children what 911 is, how to dial from your home and cell phone, and to trust the 911 call dispatcher. The child should be physically able to reach at least one phone in your home. When calling 911 your child needs to know their name, parents’ name, telephone number and most importantly their address. Tell them to answer all the dispatcher’s questions and to stay on the phone until instructed to hang up.

Never practice calling 911 on a real phone.

When teaching your child how to call 911, let them know to:

  • Stay calm
  • know the exact location and address of the emergency
  • Pick up the receiver or turn on the phone and wait for the DIAL TONE
  • Press “9”, then ”1” and then “1” again.
  • Wait for the ring and the 911 dispatcher will answer
  • Tell the 911 dispatcher what the emergency is: someone is hurt or sick and needs help, there’s a fire or someone is trying to break into my house.
  • Listen carefully to the 911 dispatchers questions and answer them to the best of their ability. Remind them that the 911 dispatcher can’t see them shake their head or point their finger, so answer the questions verbally.
  • Follow the 911 dispatcher’s instructions and stay calm. Help is on the way.
  • Stay on the line until the 911 dispatcher tells them to hang up