PBX/Business Phone

​Making a 911 Call from a Business Line

Some private phone systems may not interface with 911 to provide automatic location and number identification and routing features. Also, a caller usually needs to dial “9” for an outside line on most business phones. Dial carefully; many accidental 911 calls are received from businesses that have to dial “9” and then “1” for long distance.

  • Don’t hang up if you accidentally dial 911. Stay on the line and let the dispatcher know it was a mistake.
  • If you have a real emergency, provide the dispatcher with the business’ address along with the room number and/or floor where responders will find you.
Ensuring Fastest 911 Response

As a Broward County business owner or operator, please ensure that your organization has taken all appropriate steps to ensure you receive the fastest 911 response in an emergency.

911 Call Centers use a database to map a caller’s number to their address. Emergency personnel respond to an incident location based on the mapped address. As the owner of your organization’s PBX/IP PBX system, it is your responsibility to work with your carrier to ensure that the correct information for your business address is in the 911 database.

  • Please work with your PBX/IP PBX carrier to ensure that the 911 database includes the correct address(es) for the building(s) that 911 responders would go to in the event of an emergency response request. Verify that the correct 911 call center is listed. This verification must occur in advance, before a 911 emergency occurs.
  • ​If you are located in a multi building/multi campus environment, you should have a different number for each building and the proper address mapped to the phone number from which the 911 call would be made. This ensures that the number is mapped to the caller’s actual address and that the proper address appears when the 911 operator answers the call.
  • ​Multiple numbers within the same building should be mapped to the same address and to the level of specificity appropriate for your operation (e.g. floor, room, etc.)
  • For IP ​​PBX systems only, the address should be near where the caller is located (not at router ports in another building).
  • Once you have verified the configuration of your PBX/IP PBX system with your carrier, you should contact the Broward County E911 Office at the numbers below to test your set up and ensure that the telephone number and address information is correctly displayed on the 911 operator’s screen. We would like to conduct the test Monday – Thursday from 7AM and 9AM, to avoid the busiest time of day for 911.
  • Any time number(s) and/or addresses change in your system, update the information with your carrier and PBX Vendor.
  • If you e​xperience an emergency in your building, please notify your building security or staff at the building entrance as to the nature of the emergency and where it is occurring. These individuals can help direct emergency personnel to the correct location of the emergency.
By following these steps, you can help us ensure the fastest dispatch response to your 911 emergency request. For further information or assistance with verifying your location information and call routing prior to an emergency, please contact:
Ken Bender at 954-254-9032 kbender@broward.org or 
Soraya Diamond at 954-803-0096 sdiamond@broward.org​​