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July 1, 2013

Welcome to the E911 Consolidation eNewsletter!

You are receiving this enewsletter because you have been identified as a stakeholder in the regional consolidation of E911 in Broward County. As such, you are a valuable contributor to the success of the project, and we look forward to your ongoing input and feedback.


For many years, Broward County and municipalities have discussed the benefits of a consolidated regional E911 communications system.
The Consolidated Regional System will enhance public safety for all Broward County residents and visitors while realizing efficiencies by standardizing operations.

On October 1, 2013, Broward County will implement such a system, and assume responsibility for its governance, management, performance, planning, implementation and oversight. The new consolidated 911 system will:
  • Provide call-taking, teletype (queries only) and dispatch services
  • Reduce the number of transferred calls
  • Improve response times
  • Create a more efficient and effective system with standardized processes and procedures
The technology is in place, and the next step is the consolidation of 10  Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) into three, which will be located in Coconut Creek (North), Sunrise (Central) and Pembroke Pines (South).
View Consolidated PSAP Model.

Recent Project Activities

  • On May 16, Broward County hosted a meeting with Municipal Managers and provided an update on the consolidation project. Questions, contact Alphonso Jefferson, Assistant to the County Administrator, at 954-357-7352 or ajefferson@broward.org or Rick Carpani, Director, Office of Communications Technology, at 954-357-8678 or rcarpani@broward.org.
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  • Broward County’s Office of Public Communications will take the lead on coordinating communications about the consolidation. Questions, contact Margaret Stapleton, Director, Office of Public Communications at 954-357-6931 or mstapleton@broward.org
  •  Management Control Agreements have been executed with the three new PSAP locations.
  • PSAP location assessments are nearly complete. Assessment data will document each PSAP’s current state to establish a baseline (cost, call data, services performed and performance).  The results will allow us to evaluate current best practices and develop standard operating procedures and protocols for the Consolidated System.
  • An Operations Implementation/Planning Workgroup including subject matter experts for each existing PSAP location is being formed. The workgroup will provide input on the operations of the new consolidated system.

Coming Up…

  • The Operations Implementation/Planning Workgroup will commence regular meetings to develop standard operating procedures, protocols, and training of the new consolidated system.
  • Consolidation activities will continue through  2014, but on October 1, 2013:
    • All calls will be answered and dispatched under one single operator
    • All civilian employees from existing PSAPs that perform call-taking, teletype (queries only), dispatching functions will be offered a job at the same salary and hourly rate as of May 7, 2013 (adjustments will be done based on contractual requirements), and maintain their current seniority level.
    • All existing employees will initially remain in a familiar service area,

Featured FAQs 

Question: What are the anticipated Consolidated Regional System PSAP locations?
Answer: The anticipated Consolidated Regional PSAP locations are Coconut Creek, Pembroke Pines and Sunrise.
Question: What happens to the existing PSAP locations?
 Answer: Existing PSAP locations that elect to join the Consolidated Regional System will be incorporated into the Coconut Creek, Pembroke Pines or Sunrise locations. The municipalities with PSAPs that are not part of the Consolidated Regional System will determine the future use of these facilities.
Stay in Touch!
The 911 consolidation communications team will share news with you on a regular basis, and we encourage you to look to this forum for official information to dispel rumors and provide timely, accurate answers to all your questions.
To contact us, email regional911@broward.org, or call any member of the 911 Consolidation Communications Team. Other communication tools include a website, 911.broward.org, and periodic discussion forums at various work locations.
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