911 Dispatch


The purpose of the Broward County Consolidated Communications Implementation Advisory Board
(I-Board) is to review, consider, and make recommendations to the Board relating to the creation, governance, funding, and operations of a regional and cooperative consolidated E-911 communications system which shall include the development of an interlocal agreement to be utilized by all participants in the regional and cooperative consolidated E-911 system.


Assess and rank alternative governance structures; recommend a draft charter, operating bylaws, inter-local agreements for the County and participating municipalities and best practices to be utilized in the selected governance model.

Governance Committee Documents


Determine the administrative and technical requirements for implementation of the recommended governance model; establish standards and metrics which achieve a high level of performance and service; evaluate and rank proposed E-911 center locations based on engineering and technical analysis of the buildings and infrastructure needs.

Operations Committee Documents


Determine potential budget impact on municipalities, Broward County and Sheriff and the tax burden on residents within Broward County; determine a timeline and required actions for implementation of a municipal service taxing unit ("MSTU"); anticipate initial financial needs to occur in fiscal year 2012/2013; and identify start-up/transition budgets.

Funding Committee Documents

Other Documents

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