Concourse A

Construction Deferred

On August 5, 2008, the Board of County Commissioners held a workshop concerning a variety of aviation topics. One of the topics discussed was Concourse A. The Commissioners accepted the following recommendations made by Kent George, Aviation Director:

  • Defer the construction of Terminal 1 Concourse A. 
  • Proceed with early apron work for overnight parking east of Terminal 1 Concourse B.
  • Reallocate remaining funds from Concourse A to Terminal 4 Concourse H.
  • Proceed with the design of Terminal 4, Concourse H redevelopment immediately.

By negotiating with the signatory carriers to relocate and reallocate gates, this will increase utilization and gain at least five gates. With the relocation and reallocation, the immediate need for Concourse A can be deferred until 2015 - 2020 or later depending on demand.

Go to the  August 5, 2008 Commission Workshop (PDF) to view the entire presentation.

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