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Environmental References

Sustainability Vision and Guiding Principles

Sustainability Vision
Broward County Aviation Department (BCAD) is dedicated to minimize our impacts on the environment while increasing our operational efficiency, economic viability, and social responsibility.

Guiding Principles
BCAD is committed to integrate sustainability into the long-term business strategy, future development, day-to-day management, and operations of the Airport. In support of our vision, and building on our achievements to date, we will seek a comprehensive approach to sustainability based on these guiding principles:

  • Communicate with our stakeholders to ensure they are kept informed and engaged on the priority sustainability issues for the Airport while working to address their concerns
  • Foster involvement across BCAD to encourage staff-wide participation in our sustainability program by raising awareness and highlighting benefits of the program and its initiatives.
  • Report regularly on our progress by aligning our sustainability key performance indicators and metrics with the reporting requirements of the County.
  • Support our airlines and tenants through jointly exploring and encouraging ways for them to improve their own sustainability performance.
  • Improve our economic viability through fiscally responsible measures that balance the needs of our community with the demands of the national aviation system.
  • Increase operational efficiency throughout our facilities, infrastructure and information systems.
  • Advance sustainable design and construction initiatives for all airport infrastructure and facilities projects through the implementation of sustainable design and construction guidelines. 
  • Encourage partnerships that enhance and utilize our diverse local businesses, people, and resources. 
  • Address climate change by striving to meet the County's greenhouse gas emission reduction goals and working with our regional partners to cultivate innovative solutions to environmental challenges. 
  • Protect our environmental resources by minimizing and managing our negative environmental impacts and partnering with the community on noise mitigation issues so we can address these impacts while balancing the need to operate a safe and efficient Airport.

Read the Sustainability Vision and Guiding Principles (PDF) or an ADA version (PDF).

 West Lake Park Wetland Mitigation Wins Environmental Award

FAC Environmental Award 

The West Lake Park Wetland Mitigation Program has won the prestigious 2011 Environmental Award by the Florida Airports Council (FAC).

Read the winning award application (PDF).

Caption: Accepting the award at the 42nd Annual FAC Conference are (left) Kent G. George, A.A.E., Director of Aviation; James McCluskie, Director of Planning; and Michael Pacitto, Environmental Manager.  

The FAC Environmental Award recognizes member Airports for promoting or implementing environmental projects that have a positive effect on the Florida aviation system. This annual award is presented to both a commercial aviation airport and a general aviation airport. 

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