Where Is My Airline

Terminal Overview

Terminal and Garage Complex


Terminal 1 Terminal 2 Terminal 3 Terminal 4

Concourse B

Concourse D

​Concourse E

​Concourse G

​Southwest ​Air Canada ​Azul (Departures) ​Spirit
​Delta ​American

​Concourse C


Concourse H

​Alaska ​Dynamic ​Air Transat
​Allegiant ​JetBlue ​Avianca
​Frontier ​JetBlue
(Departures for
Cuba Charters)
​Silver Nor​wegian​ ​Copa
United​ IBC​​
​Virgin America  Spirit

Concourse F

​JetBlue ​TAME
​Spirit ​Volaris
​​Cape Air​​


​All international
and Canadian arrivals*


On occasion, flights operate out of different terminal locations. Check FLL's Arrivals and Departures for the latest flight information.

*Some flights from Canada may arrive in Customs or at the assigned terminal.

For Air Transat, please check with the airline for gate information.

Get Directions to the Airport and parking garages.