Visit this site often for helpful information on animals. Here’s where you’ll find information about ordinances that govern Broward County’s handling of animal issues in our community. You’ll also find helpful advice on caring for your pet, every day and especially around the holidays, when your pet may be exposed to unique dangers.

If you’ve just acquired a new animal, perhaps through one of our adoption centers, you’ll also find tips for caring for your new cat or dog, and how to bring them along safety on your family trips. You may choose to take advantage of one of our dog training classes, offered by Broward County Parks and Recreation Division.

In 2008, the National Animal Control Association (NACA) conducted an evaluation of Broward County Animal Care and Regulation to report on the effectiveness of the agency’s program results, the efficiency of its operations and the adequacy of its operating policies and procedures. The entire evaluation report is posted on this resource Web site.