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Arts Education Committee
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Work in collaboration to strengthen Broward County’s arts education coalition with the School Board and community based partners. (2.2, 2.3, 2.6, 3.6) Recommend Arts Teacher of the Year. Join Advocacy Committee efforts for the Arts Education agenda.

Arts Education Committee

Amy Ostrau, Chair
Jodi Jeffreys-Tanner, Vice-Chair
Grace Kewl-Durfey, Staff Liaison  

Marla Armstrong                              Michael Bassichis          
Holly Guiliano                                  Nora Rupert                   
Sharon Brooks                                 Piper Weber-Roth          
Kelly Armstead                                Dr. Wilma Robles-Melendez
Hilary Fine                                       Fran Mulcahy              
Melanie Camp                                  Adrienne Chadwick              
Grace Abel                                       Dr. David Spangler        
Darby Hayes                                    Richard White                
Joe Luechauer                            

Committees are set up to implement annual or multi-year goals.  Members are urged to sit on committees that are of interest to them.  Committee business should be handled at the committee level and not in regular meetings.  If policy decisions cannot be agreed upon by the committee, their report should be reviewed at the Executive Committee prior to the regular meeting of the BCC.