Broward County, Florida
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Jillian Mayer
2011 Visual & Media Artists Fellowship Recipient



Jullian has a keen interest in technology and its impact on society and relationships, although she does not use an advanced application in work.  Rudimentary facets of future mediums of communication interest Jullian the most.  Lastly she wants her work to appeal on some level of entertainment to the viewer. 

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 Jillian Mayer -"Scenic Jogging"

 "Scenic Jogging"
(still from screening at Guggenheim)
movie still 1


Jillian Mayer -"Scenic Jogging" 

 "Scenic Jogging"
movie still 2


Jillian Mayer -"Scenic Jogging" 

 "Scenic Jogging"
movie still 3


Jillian Mayer -"We as Me"

 "We as Me"
movie still 1


 Jillian Mayer -"We as Me"
"We as Me"
movie still 2


 Jillian Mayer -"How My Best Friend Died"
"How my Best Friend Died"
movie still 1




Jillian Mayer is a visual and performance artist. She has exhibited her work across the US and internationally and is part of the permanent collection at Miami's Frost Museum. A featured performer with the art band JLEP at L.A.'s Disney Red Cat Theater "NOWFEST," Jillian's photographs have been published in various books and photo zines. Last year, Mayer's experimental musical "Mrs. Ms" was commissioned by the Miami Light Project and premiered at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami, FL as part of the "Here and Now Festival." Mayer's latest video work has been screened at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami and at the Solomon Guggenheim Museum in New York, Bilbao, Venice and Berlin.

Mayer has recently been commissioned to create a performance-based television art show as well as a short film at the De la Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space for Basel 2011 in Miami. Mayer is being commissioned to develop and produce several live segments of a conceptual variety show featuring established international artists in a cable access-styled television program, which will survive as a cultural time-capsule under the guise of animal fascination.

World Class Boxing is also commissioning Mayer to create a new video work for the gallery for Basel 2011. Most recently, The Borscht Film Festival commissioned Mayer to create and direct a short film told entirely through installations by Mayer. Her film features legendary Luther Campbell (aka Uncle Luke of influential musical group 2 Live Crew) who is currently running for Mayor of Miami. The film is a modern Miami adaptation of the 1962 French short film "La Jetee”. “The Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke” premiered in April at the Knight Concert Hall in Miami, Florida.