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Description of Services

Sing and Dance Your Way to Hispanic Literature and Culture
This is a highly interactive show, housed culturally in Mexico, Spain, and Cuba, in which Mariachi music, Salsa dancing, and Flamenco percussion introduces students to linguistics, the famous literary characters Don Quijote and Sancho Panza, the math of Hispanic rhythm, and the history that has helped shaped the languages we speak. The audience is an integral part of unraveling the information and entertainment in each segment, and all students are fully and actively involved during the entire show.

Through music, movement and drama, students experience how to meet someone both in English and Spanish, learning how to make a good first impression and why that matters. They are exposed to the history and relationships between languages including where English and Spanish come from. In Mexico, we become Mariachi musicians and dancers.

Through drama and flamenco in Spain we meet Miguel de Cervantes’ famous literary characters: Don Quixote & Sancho Panza. Finally we return to the U.S, drawing on our Cuban influence, to learn salsa and mathematical fractions.


Grade Level:

Pre K-5th

Number of Participants:



1 performance at 1-1.25 hours per performance


Spanish; Show can be adapted for special needs audience. Juvenile Justice, at risk, seniors, shelter-based, community-based, school-based, public housing, afterschool, summer.



LA.C.1.2, LA.C.3.1, LA.D.1.2, LA.D.2.1, MA.A.1.1, MA.A.1.2, MA.D.1.1, SS.A.1.1, SS.A.2.1, SS.A.2.2, FL.A.1.1, FL.A.2.1, FL.A.2.2, FL.B.1.1, FL.C.1.1, FL.C.1.2, FL.D.1.1, FL.D.1.2, FL.D.2.2, DA.A.1.1, DA.A.1.2, DA.C.1.2, DA.E.1.1, MU.A.1.1, MU.A.2.1, MU.C.1.1, MU.C.1.2, PE.A.1.1, PE.A.2.1, PE.A.2.2, PE.C.1.2


$325 per performance. CSC: $250 per performance.


Music, Dance, Drama

Contact: Phone:          954-961-1677; 954-918-0871
Fax:              954-965-9200
Email:           info@singyourwaytospanish.com