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Phone:         954-328-7465
Fax:            954-967-6894
Web: ;

Services Available: Single Performance


Description of Services

Laugh, Learn and Love to Read with Lilly P Badilly
Author Debbie Glade will visit your school or library or special event (in millipede costume) for a fun and educational 45-minute interactive program for elementary age children. She will use her cartoon voices and dance with the children to the music on her CD. We will:

  • Learn about The Travel Adventures of Lilly P Badilly: Costa Rica story
  • Learn about geography
  • Discuss what it takes to write and illustrate a book and recording it on CD
  • Talk about writing inspiration
  • Talk about the importance of reading and writing
  • Learn about plants and animals of the Costa Rica using visuals
  • Explore conservation of the rainforest and our planet
  • Talk about fears
  • Discuss cooperation and peaceful problem-solving
  • Play a simple geography game with large maps or, for younger children, do a craft
  • Answer children's questions about the book and being a writer
  • Each child will receive an autographed copy of the book/CD

Children laugh a lot during the program due to the voices and costume.

The Travel Adventures of Lilly P Badilly: Costa Rica has been approved by Broward County Schools Learning Resources Dept (Superintendent's Screening Committee request # 08-425, from March 3, 2009) Broward County Schools also approved Debbie Glade as a speaker.  I have security clearance from Palm Beach County Schools as well as the Catholic Archdioses of Miami. I will be happy to complete the process in Broward County as well.

The focus of the program is to teach children about geography and the importance of reading, making the process fun. The Travel Adventures of Lilly P Badilly: Costa Rica is a book about a millipede that lives at MIA with her grandparents, sneaks aboard a plane and travels to Costa Rica. The main character, Lilly is an avid reader and an accomplished pianist. The book is recorded on CD with voice characterizations and authentic sound effects from Costa Rica.  Children who struggle with reading or are not interested in reading love the CD and can follow along in the book while listening.

Large illustrations of fascinating plants and animals from the rain forest are used, and the children learn all about them. We talk about why reading is important, as it relates to the book and in our everyday lives. I get the children involved by asking them questions. I talk about what it takes to be a writer. I show them my paints and brushes and illustrations.

I visit many South Florida schools and hear from the librarians and teachers that students check my book out often and are interested in reading along.


Grade Level:


Number of Participants:

Min. 20 - Max. 200


1 performance


Juvenile Justice, shelter-based, public housing, at risk, seniors, community-based, school-based, afterschool, summer.


LA.A.1.1, LA.A.2.1


$15 per participant / $375-500 flat fee. Will work with limited budgets.


Music, Visual Arts

Contact: Phone:         954-328-7465
Fax:            954-967-6894


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