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A free service of the Broward County Commission, the Cultural Quarterly fine arts magazine, provides in-depth articles on the local, arts and culture scene, revealing profiles of exceptional artists and detailed listings of events and attractions.  The magazine has gone green and will now be fully accessible online only.

The year was 1988 and the first issue of Cultural Quarterly was about to be born. It featured a Picasso Exhibit at the Museum of Art and the Florida Philharmonic Orchestra, and its publication would open the door on 20 years of service to the Broward County. Informing the population on arts, culture, history and attractions, it would grow to a distribution of 20,000 readers plus and become the most comprehensive cultural calendar in Broward County, and key to tourism in the area. 81 issues of artist’s profiles, historical culture, mayor’s messages, art news, arts' committee member profiles, art success stories, family fun, intriguing images and cultural close-ups tumbled through the years in fluent color and catchy verbiage.

Stories included the likes of James Judd, Edward Villella, Duane Hanson and the many national and international public artists in the public art and design program. It also featured guest writers from the Americans for the Arts, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts and has won many awards including National Association of County Information Officers, International Association of Business Communicators and ADDY awards.
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