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Broward 100 Grand Finale Auditions Highlight Local Talent in Broward County 

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Top Inset - Taylor Sawyer
Left Inset - Bobby Bush 
Center Pic - Emmanuel Aderele 
Center Inset - Stephanie Genovese 
Bottom:  Yaroslava Poletaeva

Broadway Director Neil Goldberg and his team have the Best Job Ever! - to discover and audition the talent, resources and hidden gems in Broward County. What a job!

"I've produced shows throughout the world for more than 40 years," says Goldberg, "witnessing exceptional talent from remote countries to major metropolitan cities. What I have seen in our community during the past two weeks in more than 1,200 auditions is enough to produce the greatest Broadway-style Broward spectacle ever."

Goldberg's statement is meaningful; which is why organizers of Broward 100 - Celebrating the Art of Community have been determined to engage this talent and showcase it in a celebratory grand finale of Broward County's 100 years - Duende!


On a recent night in March, in the final hours of a two-week selection process, the last batch of auditioners approached the stage, one by one, with props and hearts on their sleeve, and gave it all to be part of this historic event. For the creative and County team previewing, it became clear how character can be revealed in three minutes or less
- Broward County's character. A nineyear- old piano prodigy, dressed in style, emanated humility before he bolted down the notes that left jaws dropped on the floor. This is Broward's talent!

Says Fushu Daiko's drummer, Ben Miller, "every drum has a story," signaling the 15-plus drums that exploded in dramatic, Japanese form and sound for their 20-minute audition. Fushu Daiko has been a Broward County cultural organization for more than 25 years and it showed; professional, confident and compelling. Fushu Daiko's story is Broward's story!

Mr. Bush brought six of his children to play as a band, home-schooled and talented. Bush spoke about the impact of music on the life of his children, some of whom were struggling academically; now, playing music has improved their attention span and diligence. The evening also brought foreign talent living in our community; an accomplished Russian violinist and Philippine pianist duo performed a dramatic piece full of life, followed by an enchanting presentation that made emotions swell.

Center: Brandon Goldberg. Left: Fushu Daiko Taiko Drum Ensemble Right: The Bush Family Quintet

Auditions were held in March at Dream Studios in Pompano Beach. The artistic search and casting call was open to all creative disciplines including theater and dance companies, opera, symphony, bands, choirs, street performers, poets, artists, specialty acts, singers, dancers
(ballet, hip-hop, ballroom, tap, jazz, contemporary, etc. ), performance troupes, musicians, actors, audio/visual, visual artists, technology advancements and every other creative talent. It was expected that more than 20 disciplines would be selected to participate in this premier theatrical event.

Each South Florida participant, entity or organization cast in the show will receive local and national recognition, perform on stage with celebrity talent and have their skills showcased and directed in a high-caliber, world-class production. Additionally, artists will be compensated, along with the opportunity to receive a $10,000 enrichment gift sponsored by the Neil Goldberg Dream Foundation, voted by the audience during the live performances.

In concert with other Broward 100 performances, events and familyfriendly activities, Goldberg and his team will produce this unprecedented, Broadway-style original show entitled "WE..." The Passion & Rhythm of the People as part of Duende, to be presented on Oct. 3 at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.

All this and more is exciting to envision what Neil Goldberg's imagination is conjuring up for a show that is not to be missed. Stay tuned for more Broward 100 updates in the Cultural Division E-newsletter and the fine arts magazine Cultural Quarterly, Facebook and Twitter (@Broward100) and Instagram (@BrowardArts). Tickets on sale from June 26th. 

Creative Minds Team and Neil Goldberg Advance Plans for Duende

Eddy Edwards, Loren Oliveira, Myrna Meeroff, Pablo Malco and Jim HammondThe grand finale event of Broward 100 - Celebrating the Art of Community has been brainstormed by a team of local artists and event management aficionados. 

Eddy Edwards, Loren Oliveira, Myrna Meeroff, Pablo Malco and Jim Hammond (Left to right in picture)  were selected last year to create and guide the ideas for an event that would mark history for Broward County. On the weekend of Oct. 2-4, a culmination of celebratory performances and events will herald the beginning the next century. It’s a big time to celebrate.

The ‘Minds’ team met and chatted, and creatively expressed ideas about this monumental undertaking. They came up with the fantastical idea of Duende - a quality of passion and inspiration; a spirit; having soul, a heightened state of emotion, expression of authenticity. What a lovely wish for the next 100 years of our County!

As the months go by and the days draw closer to our grand weekend, Broward 100 organizers - the Broward Cultural Division, the Community Foundation of Broward and the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau - excited about Duende, decided to take the execution phase to the next level.

Enter Broadway director and Broward resident Neil Goldberg, founder of the internationally renowned Cirque Dreams entertainment brand and production company. After meeting with Cultural Division Director Earl Bosworth, Goldberg decided to donate his talent and theatrical expertise to Broward 100 - Celebrating the Art of Community in the spirit of celebrating creativity and world-class entertainment, and also in the spirit of pride for his community and enlisting

local talent. Goldberg will be executing the event at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts on the Friday and Saturday night of Duende, although the entire weekend will be scheduled and planned with the Creative Minds.

Goldberg, with the resources of his production company based in Pompano Beach, has agreed to direct and produce the theatrical performance part of Duende, the culminating event of Broward County’s year-long centennial celebration. In concert with other Broward 100 performances, events and family-friendly activities, this unprecedented, Broadway-style stage spectacle will be presented on Oct. 3, 2015, at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale.

The plot is building nicely, and Broward 100 continues to gain steam and momentum through its four cornerstones, VisualEYES, Inside Out, Calendar 100 and now Duende. It’s a great time to be in Broward County and a period in history that we won’t want to forget.

There is a lot more to come from these alliances, so stand by for more as Duende unfolds with passion, inspiration, emotion and authenticity. CQ 

Mai-Kai Restaurant of National Register of Historic Places Program

Vintage Mai-Kai Restaurant

The Mai-Kai Restaurant is locally significant in the areas of commerce and entertainment/recreation. Located at 3599 N. Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale, it is significant as an intact, still-operating, Polynesian-themed restaurant.The period of significance is from 1956 to 1964, when it largely achieved it present appearance. The Mai-Kai reflects national broad patterns of entertainment that began in the 1920s and thrived in the mid-20th century. It is one of the few remaining Polynesian-themed restaurants in Florida.

The building, landscaped garden, interior decor and the operational elements make the Mai-Kai an exemplary exotic-themed restaurant and tourist destination. In addition to its decor, it also maintains a Polynesian- Asian influenced menu, as well as its familiar cocktail menu. While the food menu has adapted to changing culinary tastes, its drink menu, including the quality ingredients, has not changed since 1956. As a result, the restaurant is renowned for its expert tropical drinks; the drink menu includes more a dozen registered trademark cocktails.  CQ


39th Annual Carbonell Awards Ceremony Celebrates Three Prestigious AwardsScott Shiller; Iris Acker & Antonio Amadeo and Katherine Amadeo.
Scott Shiller; Iris Acker & Antonio Amadeo and Katherine Amadeo

One of the most anticipated features of the annual Carbonell Awards are the recipients of the prestigious George Abbott Award, Howard Kleinberg Award and Ruth Foreman Award.

Each year, the Carbonell Awards sponsors the George Abbott Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Arts, awarded to an individual (or team) who has contributed significantly to the artistic and cultural development of the region.

The award may be given for accomplishments within the year, or for a lifetime. This year’s recipient is Scott Shiller, executive vice-president of the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts and president of the board of directors of the Carbonell Awards. In addition to implementing many arts and cultural programs designed to bring the arts to Miami- Dade County residents, Shiller’s civic involvement has also made a regional impact.

Established in 2000, the Howard Kleinberg Award is named after Howard Kleinberg, long-time editor of The Miami News, historian and author of numerous articles and books on the social and cultural history of Miami and South Florida. It is awarded as special recognition for contributions to the health and development of the arts in South Florida.

This year, Iris Acker, actress, director, author, talk show host and Carbonell Awards judge, is the recipient of the Howard Kleinberg Award in recognition of her contribution to promoting the arts in South Florida. Acker is one of the original members of the group that created the Carbonell Awards and also co-directed the show on several occasions alongside the late Jack Zink.

Named after the pioneer theater director and producer, the Ruth Foreman Award is presented in recognition of the contributions to South Florida theater development by an individual or group, for singular achievement and/ or career contributions. This year, The Naked Stage was honored with the Ruth Foreman Award for its annual event, The 24-Hour Theatre Project. Two of The Naked Stage co-founders, Antonio Amadeo and Katherine Amadeo, who also produced The 24-Hour Theatre Project, accepted the award on behalf of their company.

The 24-Hour Theatre Project began in 2007 when Naked Stage co-founders John Manzelli, Katherine and Antonio Amadeo were looking for a creative way to fund-raise and bring together the theater community. Modeled on the 24 Hour Plays in New York, eight playwrights gather on a Sunday night at 7 p.m. and choose a director and four actors from a hat. They then choose a title from a pre-written list, and spend the night writing a short play. The next morning the actors and directors arrive and produce each play, which is performed that night.

"Not knowing quite what to expect, we asked nearly 50 of the region’s top artists (actors, directors, playwrights) to donate 24 hours of their time, and couldn’t believe our luck when, not only did they say ‘yes,’ but were enthusiastic about the project," said Katherine Amadeo. "That first year ended up being pure (chaotic) magic, and we realized we had something wonderfully special on our hands." The 31st annual Carbonell Awards took place in March to a sold out audience at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. CQ

Popular Museum and Gallery Guide Available and Updated

2015 Broward Museum and Gallery Guide

In response to popular demand, the Cultural Division has updated and reprinted its Museum & Gallery Guide - a local directory showcasing the many locations that preserve Broward County and Fort Lauderdale’s century-old history. The brochure includes listings for almost 100 of the County’s museums, art galleries, historic and cultural venues and science and technology exploration centers.

Many of Broward County’s not-for-profit cultural organizations are listed in this 11-page directory of most of the County’s museums and galleries. These locales play a significant role in making the county rich with offerings, and also give artists a goal and audience for their work.

Places such as Bonnet House Museum and Gardens, a location that is aligned closely with Broward County’s history itself; the Fort Lauderdale Antique Car Museum, a reproduction of a Packard showroom from the 1920s, the Ah- Tah-Thi-Ki Museum at Okalee Village, which showcases the Seminole Tribe of Florida; and the Stranahan Historical House Museum, built in classic Florida frontier design and the oldest surviving structure in Broward County, will ensure the interested County traveler that there is much to see and learn about, right here alongside the ocean and the sand, in flip flops and sun dresses!

Museum and Gallery Guides may be obtained at local libraries, local galleries and museums, or by calling 954-357- 7457. CQ

Miss Broward County 2015, Allyson Walker named Broward 100 Youth Ambassador 

Miss Broward County 2015 - Allyson Walker

A host of young ladies from many of Broward County’s municipalities came forward recently to begin an adventure in the Miss Broward County 2015 pageant. For many of them, it would be one night of pageantry - learning how to be confident in front of an audience, how to speak with distinction and most important, in remembering to breathe while performing on a spot-lit stage.

For a select winning four, it would be the beginning of a year of change, challenge and chance. Last year, Yesenia Molina of Margate wore the sash and tiara, representing Broward County on the road to the Miss America Pageant. This year, City of Miramar resident and student of Nova Southeastern University Allyson Walker was crowned Miss Broward County 2015.

Walker will not only advance toward the dream of being Miss America, she will earn a college scholarship, serve as a spokesperson for the beauty, history and diversity of Broward County and be the official Youth Ambassador for Broward100 - Celebrating the Art of Community. Walker will participate in celebration activities throughout the year and has already auditioned for a role in the grand finale event, Duende.

As Broward County celebrates its 100th anniversary, this year’s pageant saluted the rich history of the County. 

The other winners were:

Jenice An, Miss Broward County’s Outstanding Teen, City of Weston

Ludwig Louizaire, Miss Gold Coast, City of Lauderhill

Katarina Wronka, Miss Gold Coast’s Outstanding Teen, Key Largo



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