Christopher Janney
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Public Artist Christopher Janney is described as one of the most prolific and influential artists working with sound and light today. In 1984, he was named by Esquire Magazine, as one of the Americans under-40, most likely to change the world. His recently published book Architecture of the Air, and his latest Broward County public artwork, Shadow Boxing, further illustrate how Janney’s innovative use of sound, light and interactive technology in architecture has done much to bear out that predication.

An artist, architect and composer, Janney received a BA in architecture and visual arts from Princeton University, and a MS in environmental art from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has studied percussion and performed since the age of 14. He has taught at the Rhode Island School of Design and the Graduate School of Design at Harvard, and has been a visiting professor at Cooper Union in New York City since 1991.


Listen to the NPR interview, "Christopher Janney, Sculpting Sound" by Scott Simon, 9 mins 33 sec

Or click here for link to NPR website.

Weekend Edition Saturday, February 24, 2007 · Christopher Janney, an architect and jazz musician, combines both passions in "sound sculptures." His interactive sound and light installations are found in airports in Dallas, Miami and Sacramento — and soon at Logan in Boston. 


Name:   Christopher Janney
Artwork:   Shadow Boxing
Medium:   Sculptural Installation
Year:   2007
Located:   South Regional Library

Images From Christopher Janney's Book Signing