James Carpenter

Name:   James Carpenter
Artwork:   Luminous Portals
Medium:   Integrated Art - Installation w/multiple components
Size:   10' x 21' x 16' (each portal)
Year:   2005

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport  -Rental Car Facility



James CarpenterJames Carpenter is a leading architectural designer with a strong background in developing new and emerging glass and material technologies. His interest in architecture and structure has evolved into a unique design practice and studio, James Carpenter Design Associates. His primary focus is the exploration of the natural phenomena of light in transmission, reflection and refraction as they influence architecture. James' studio is a collaborative environment encouraging an interchange of ideas between architects, materials, engineers, structural engineers and fabricators. James Carpenter Design Associates has received numerous significant national and international public commissions. James Carpenter was most recently awarded the prestigious 2004 MacArthur Fellowship Award.

Artist's Website:   www.jcdainc.com