Jim Green



Jim Green

Colorado artist, Jim Green, uses sound to engage the public in unexpected places.  Formally trained in drawing and sculpture, Green turned to sound to encourage greater interaction with his work and stronger connection to everyday life. 

He began using a tape recorder the way a photographer uses a camera, searching for unique and universal sound-experiences in seemingly mundane activities.  This exploration of sound and language with the support of two grants from the National Endowment for the Arts led to a series of "audio portraits" and documentation of the American Carnival.  These often humorous recordings aired on National Public Radio and throughout numerous art venues.

Since 1984, his work has focused on site-integrated public art.  Early work explores musical aspects of non-musical sound, such as "Laughing Escalator" in Denver and "Train Whistle Calliope" installed on Miami's Metro Rail. 

With successful installations nationally, Green's approach is to humanize public space by playfully integrating unexpected sound into the environment.  In addition to his aesthetic competence, Mr. Green is proficient in the technical expertise necessary to integrate sound and electronics into various infrastructures.  In his work with airports and other transit facilities, Green has acted as consultant, identifying and preparing spaces for other artists.