Mark Diamond

Name:   Mark Diamond
Artwork:   Day on the Beach/Night on the Town
Medium:   Video
Year:   2008

Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport

Mark Diamond


Mark Diamond has been telling stories with pictures since the age of five, and professionally as a photojournalist for Time Magazine, Rolling Stone magazine, and others since his teens. In 1975, Diamond opened the first 3-D laser Hologram Gallery, Studio and Laser laboratory in the Southeast United States.  As a founding member and exhibitor at the Museum of Holography in New York, Diamond is considered a pioneer in bridging the techno-aesthetic gap in exploring creative applications of Laser Holography.  As a film maker and videographer, Mark has been applying multi-various image making disciplines in innovative ways.  As an educator Diamond constantly shares a vast array of leading edge techniques with artists and young people in order to expand the vocabulary of visual communications for all.

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