Miles Batt


Miles Batt, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is nationally known for a singularly personal style that emphasizes an inimitable perception of the world around him. His credentials include over two hundred twenty five major awards. Elected to fifteen watercolor societies, including NWS, AWS, and Watercolor USA Honor Society, he is the author of The Complete Guide to Creative Watercolor.

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Artist Statement

"Rather than replicate the limitless unorganized natural world, my desire is to invent a visual condensation that allows nature to reassert itself within the boundaries of the two dimensional surface. Aside from the capacity to accomplish essences, (thingness), more importantly, abstract forms create a formal universe parallel to creation at large." 


Artwork for Broward County

Miles Batt paintings at FLL airport

Ace/Strike/Eagle & Navel


Sailing Envelope



Sunrise Larceny

Water Postcard