Thibaut Fagonde

Name:   Thibaut Fagonde
Artwork:   Painted Version of Reality
Medium:   Video
Year:   2008

Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport

Thibaut Fagonde 


Born in Toulouse, France Thibaut Fagonde was exposed early on, since the age of 2, to the wealth of traveling; he moved with his family from France to Canada and then to the USA where he made his permanent home. These travels have cultivated in him a sense of adventure and curiosity, even at the age of 5 Thibaut wanted to embody Indiana Jones’ world and sense of action.  His influence and sensitivity in his art stems from his many travels to North, Central, or South America and Europe, observing differences in cultural and socio-political structures.  His love for adventure has led him to pick up a camera and start filming.

Fagonde's first film comprised of documenting with his wife, Jessica, participating in a famous pilgrimage in Europe (The Pilgrimage to Santiago, Spain) where they walked 500 miles in 28 days.  After a brief pause of adventure he went on to get his Bachelors in Philosophy and Visual Arts from Columbia University. Living in New York City fully immersed Thibaut into the film profession.  He is now back in South Florida writing, directing, producing many films ranging from music videos, documentaries, short features, commercials, and art video installations.  

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