Hurricane is a Painting - Mixed-Media of a weather system.

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Artist:  Kyle Barnette

Title:  "Hurricane"

Medium:  Painting - Mixed-Media

Size:  7' x 14' x 2"

Year Installed:  1998

Venue:  Emergency Operations Center 

 *email Jody Leshinsky to view by appointment only



Hurricane is part of a series of six paintings which include: Eclipse, Jet Stream, Blue Skies, All Points Bulletin and Parade. They provide metaphorical windows for the windowless environment of the Emergency Operations Center. Painted with acrylic on wood panel, then photo-silk screening another image on top of the painted surface to arrive at a desired composition.


Artist Statement

This re-interpretation of classic Art Deco/ WPA mural design portrays Nature as the hurricane and humankind as the mission control specialist while our ability to communicate and prepare is diagrammed as a radio tower relaying information to the community. Planes take off and an offshore drilling oil-rig awaits instruction. Nature is portrayed as a neutral force and humans are portrayed as having the power to overcome adversity. Images off to the right represent those ready for action or ones that have been there before."