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Broward Light Project: Luminous Conjunctions and Emerald Laser Lawn
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Selected as a 2008 Public Art Year in Review recipient
Americans for the Arts

Broward Light Project, Luminous Conjunctions and Emerald Laser LawnBroward Light Project, Luminous Conjunctions and Emerald Laser Lawn


Artist:  Dan Corson

Title:  "Broward Light Project:  Luminous Conjunctions and Emerald Laser Lawn"

Medium:  Lasers

Year Installed:  2007

Venue:  Huizenga Plaza in downtown Fort Lauderdale



The Broward Light Project is a two-component light exhibition that includes: 

  • Emerald Laser Lawn - laser light patterns projected on the lawn, also triggered by motion.  It utilizes three green diode lasers to activate the lawn in the park with a series of 9 preprogrammed sequential light patterns. The laser is located at a very low angle, skimming the surface of the lawn.

  • Luminous Conjunctions - energy efficient LED lights illuminate 34 perimeter park trees by motion sensors located around the park.


Artist Statement

"Lasers moving through the grass allow us to experience in a new way something that is ubiquitous in the American Landscape- Lawn. Turf or sod is the largest irrigated crop in the United States. It is everywhere. Illuminating the lawn with coherent radiation, allows us to re-see with new eyes what is normal and all around us. Moving light simulates (and stimulates) the growth of the lawn, the flooding of the fields, the sparkle of the dew on the grass. The kinetic patterns on the lawn animate the grass for people to explore and play with the light."