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 Cultural Landmark
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Artist:  Alicia Bellini-Sobchak

Title:  "Cultural Heritage Landmarks"

Medium:  Sculpture -Bas Relief

Size:  9' X 48'

Year Installed:  2006

Venue:  Cultural Landmark Locations -Various



Alicia Bellini-Sobchak was commissioned to design the markers that will be used to identify and honor important cultural and historic sites. Currently, there are more than 120 historic sites located throughout Broward County. The four installed markers are located at Wray Botanical Collection – Flamingo Gardens; Pine Island Ridge – Tree Tops Park; Tequesta Indian Village – Peace Mound Park and Ely Educational Museum – Blanche & Joseph Ely House.

The artist conducted extensive research into the history and culture of Broward County from antiquity to present day, working with Broward County Historical Commission; local historians and educators; Archaeologist Dr. Bob Carr, an expert in Florida archaeology; and individuals from the sites where the prototypes are installed.

The Cultural Heritage Landmark Project has a challenge to have 10 markers installed each year in order to have 100 landmarks in place by the County’s 100th birthday in 2015. That will be another important year to celebrate and cities are encouraged to become a part of this unifying program. 



Artwork Images

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Cultural Landmarks


 Wray Botanical Collection -Flamingo Gardens

Cultural Landmark


 Blanche & Joseph Ely House

Cultural Landmark


 Pine Island Ridge -Tree Tops Park

Cultural Landmarks   Cultural Landmarks


Tequesta Peace Mound



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