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Moving, Growing, Thinking
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Moving, Growing, Thinking by Leslie Fry

Artist:  Leslie Fry

Title:  "Moving, Growing, Thinking"

Medium:  Sculpture - Wall Relief

Size:  60" x 112" x 7"

Year Installed:  2005

Location:  Tyrone Bryant Branch Library


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A love for the library atrium and the surrounding park was expressed by members of the Tyrone Bryant Branch Library. People wanted to “bring the outside inside,” which included sports activity in the park as well as nature. The imagery combines undulating elephant ear leaves with details of bodies moving, growing, and thinking.

This six parts sculptural wall relief is made of cast Forton reinforced with fiberglass and stainless steel, and finished with acrylic paint and varnish. To infuse the plants of the library atrium into the interior space, artist Leslie Fry depicted leave forms juxtaposing with human activities in the park and the library.


Artist Description

"The decision to create painted wall-reliefs for the four branch libraries was in response to the community outreach meetings in each neighborhood. People had requested for many different representational images and emphasized the use of color.

The images used for the Margate Catherine Young Branch Library are flora connected with human learning, openness and growth. Leaves of pages and plants become one with hands finding the way toward knowledge."


Artwork Images

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Moving, Growing, Thinking by Leslie FryMoving, Growing, Thinking by Leslie FryMoving, Growing, Thinking by Leslie Fry