History Quilt

History Quilt by Leslie Fry 

Artist:  Leslie Fry

Title:  "History Quilt"

Size:  22" x 94" x 6"

Medium:  Sculpture - Wall Relief

Year Installed:  2005

Venue:  Northwest Branch Library  


The Northwest Branch Library community features quilts in their Juneteenth festival. The sculpted image of a patchwork quilt is used as a metaphor for cultural diversity and history for this neighborhood. Colorful fabric patterns (Seminole, Miccosukee, Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, and 30s-50s Florida tropical) alternate with images of hands, fruit and vegetables (reflecting the area’s history as a produce center), as well as other signs of nature and the world of letters.

This colorful and vibrant patchwork quilt is made of reinforced cast Forton, finished with acrylic paint and varnish, hung low on a narrow soffit facing the entrance and above the main reading room of the library. The quilt is a welcoming presence to daily visitors and patrons.


Artist Statement

"The decision to create painted wall-reliefs for the four branch libraries was in response to the community outreach meetings in each neighborhood. People had requested for many different representational images and emphasized the use of color.

The images used for the Margate Catherine Young Branch Library are flora connected with human learning, openness and growth. Leaves of pages and plants become one with hands finding the way toward knowledge."


Artwork Images

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History Quilt by Leslie FryHistory Quilt by Leslie Fry