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Giant Aquarium with a Fishing Pier
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Giant Aquarium with a Fishing Pier by Dwight Hoffman


Artist:Dwight Hoffman

Title:  "Giant Aquarium with a Fishing Pier"

Medium:  Bus Wrap

Size:  9' x 10' x 40'

Year Installed:  2012

*Current Location:  Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport -Rental Car Facility

*Bus Wraps are temporary artworks and only
on view for a specific amount of time.



Giant Aquarium with a Fishing Pier is a temporary art project using graphic design and hi-tech printed vinyl to wrap the entire shuttle fleet that transports passengers from the Rental Car Center to the terminals at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. The artwrap design provides visitors using the shuttle with a unified, colorful and cheerful image to welcome them to our community.


 Artist Statement

"The concept for the bus came from my scuba diving in the waters of South Florida since my childhood. The underwater scenes are a composite of many different places I’ve explored through diving over the years. The pier is one that I used to go free diving around and my brother used to fish off of when we were both in high school.

I have very fond memories of the area, which is here in Broward County, and some of the scenes depicted on the bus were from actual events I witnessed and participated in over the years.
The images came quickly once I started to think of all the characters I’ve run into both above and below the waterline, and all the pranks we played when we were young. Also the most amazing scenery that Florida has to offer is just a few hundred feet off of its beaches, as well as some of its most colorful and humorous characters. I just hope in some little way I captured a small portion of both."


 Artwork Images

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 Giant Aquarium with a Fishing Pier by Dwight Hoffman

 Giant Aquarium with a Fishing Pier by Dwight Hoffman

Driver's side

 Giant Aquarium with a Fishing Pier by Dwight Hoffman

Passenger's side

 Giant Aquarium with a Fishing Pier by Dwight Hoffman

 Giant Aquarium with a Fishing Pier by Dwight Hoffman

 Special Note: 
The Consolidated Rental Car Center shuttle fleet consists of 23 standard 40-ft long low floor buses that transfer passengers between the Terminals and the RCC facility.  The intent of the ArtWrap project is to provide visitors with a colorful and cheerful image that welcomes them to the South Florida community.  The designs are reflective of Broward County’s unique environment and diverse culture, and focus on its qualities as a major travel destination.  This public art project, categorized as a temporary artwork, serves as a viable artistic outlet for highly talented Florida artists.  The project aims to engage the general public through the application of hi-tech graphic design media.