I Love You


I Love You by Rosario Marquardt and Roberto Behar

Title:  "I Love You"

Artists:  Rosario Marquardt and Roberto Behar

Medium:  Sculpture -Installation

Size:  10 x 44' x 44'

Year Installed:  2012

Venue:  Young At Art Museum/Broward County Library 


Artists Roberto Behar & Rosario Marquardt created an outdoor, open-air room; a unique multi-purpose area where children and their families can read, create art, picnic and enjoy the library’s popular storytelling program. This outdoor studio can be used for landscape drawing, inspired by art, artists and nature. In addition to the 10 ft. tall alphabet letters that spell the phrase “I LOVE YOU,” five brightly-colored, flower-shaped benches provide seating to create an area of nature, love and story. The benches are placed in an arc facing the I LOVE YOU sculpture to afford ample seating for storyteller and audience in the 44 ft. diameter circular room, which is defined by a ring of low vegetation separating it from vehicular activity.


 Artist Statement

The artists, who have been called by one critic, “architects of hope,” envisioned the seating/story-telling area as an iconic space -a secret garden where imagination and creativity can take flight. “Like Alice in Wonderland, who changes scale to transform through dreams, her perception of reality, I LOVE YOU provides physical evidence of the fantastic as part of daily life,” say the Artists.

The artists coordinated and collaborated extensively with the museum, the library and the entire design team to identify the optimal location for the artwork where it could serve as a welcoming entryway feature that would be fully integrated into the exterior landscape. They even worked with the landscape architect to select the right combination of plant materials that would serve as a backdrop for the alphabet letters, and to help choose the low border plants that define the perimeter of the “secret garden.” These artists are known for creating memorable imaginative environments where people can gather, linger and dream.


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