Reflections, a photographic series of Florida fauna.


Artists:  Nitin Jayaswal & Margaret Tolbert

Title:  "Reflections"

Medium:  Photographs

Size:  56 photos, 32" X 24" each 

Year Installed:  2006

Venue:  Weston Branch Library



In tune with the abundance of water in Broward County - beaches, canals, estuaries and Weston's proximity to the Everglades, artists team Tolbert/Jayaswal explored a cycle of imageries with the quality of "Reflections" in water.

The development of lenticular imaging is a contemporary achievement in the field of visual conveyance. The ability for an image to "flip" into another image, much as reflections in water dissolve into another image, allows the artists team to interlace the photographic images and create a sense of movement of form and light.

"Reflections" are comprised of 56 photographs of 16 pairs of images installed on the four sides of 11 columns and along one wall that attract the viewer traversing the library. These panels, each measuring 32 x 24 inches, are installed on the upper part of the columns, forming column capitals of shimmering images.

The themes of nature, especially the Everglades, history and the spirit of innovation typifying the development of Weston, combining with the lenticular imaging process, suggest the astonishing energy, richness and complexity of nature, in particular the flora and fauna of the Everglades.


Artist Statement

"For the Weston Branch Library, we have used images involving a lenticular process of photography which flips from one image to another depending on the viewer's position and movement. The artwork, Reflections, through its shifting visual imagery relates to browsing with the library. The act of browsing involves movement around its stacks and various resources. Exploring the library, in turn, allows multiple views and readings of each of the lenticular panels which shift from one image to another.

Our imagery depicts certain changing perceptions of nature, a spectrum of shifting ideas about representations of elements of the Broward landscape, seen in all its facets as the natural and pristine landscape, botanical wonderland, agricultural mother lode and subject of development into the perfect suburb. The images on the panels spring from a variety of sources: our photography, drawing and painting of the richness of the Broward County landscape, from the moire of the Everglades grassland, to lotus growing in the inundated stretches of a swamp, reflections of palms in the backwater river, the infinitely sensuous/exotic quality of the tropical flora, whether desirable import or undesirable invasive.

On these panels the Melaleuca ghost forests, just west of Weston, are paired with paintings of insects and beetles of the area, including the weevil that was introduced to bring about the destruction of these forests. These images blend with historic photos and drawings: 19th century Harper's weekly articles recounting the perils, riches and adventure of the Everglades, with drawings of the native peoples of the area, late 19th century seed packets, with fulsome praises for water hyacinth, water lettuce, and other specimens now seen as flagrantly undesirable; produce labels Broward County's finest, and the images from classic postcards depicting the wonders of encounters with exotic flora and fauna--flamingos, coconuts and papayas." 


Artwork Images

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Reflections, a photographic series of Florida fauna.Reflections, a photographic series of Florida fauna.Reflections, a photographic series of Florida fauna.Reflections, a photographic series of Florida fauna.Reflections, a photographic series of Florida fauna.