Cultural Information Center Marquee
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CIC Marquee is a marquee outside of the Main Library.

Artist:  Kim Krupnick

Title:  "Cultural Information Center Marquee"

Medium:  Sculpture - Neon Sign

Size:  17' x 52' x 4'

Year Installed:  2002

Venue:  Broward County Main Library



This site specific sculptural Marquee consists of a steel channel painted with red polyurethane paint, along with mill-finished aluminum channel letters, white translucent Plexiglas lenses and white neon for illumination at night. The whole structure is supported by steel columns clad in stainless steel. The bases are painted with red polyurethane and incised with laser-cut design elements. This sculptural Marquee is located on the south entrance of the Main Library in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Artist Statement

"The CIC Marquee is an artfull detailed stainless steel and aluminum structure supporting painted steel and a neon backlit illuminated place marker. This marker establishes the beginning of an entry procession to the Cultural Information Center. The exposed stainless steel structure provides relief to the massive concrete of the building, while honoring Bruer's design concept of celebrating structure and materials by exposing and detailing them. The work creates a new pedestrian scale layer to the entry in addition to functioning at a vehicular scale. The work spans 50 feet, between two massive concrete columns. It is a horizontal red element that composes harmoniously with the building façade and with the Public Art tile work on the corner of Andrews and Second Street."

"The materials are used honestly and intentionally. The materials are stainless steel, cable, red polyurethane painted steel, mill finished channel letters and white neon. The stainless steel detail and cable makes reference to the locals, Broward County boating community. The color red, universally communicates information. The letters are treated as separate elements (letting the letters be letters). By raising and back lighting the letters, they will read as independent elements."


Artwork Images

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CIC Marquee is a marquee outside of the Main Library. CIC Marquee is a marquee outside of the Main Library.