Seasons, The


The Seasons, textile banners of flowers and trees.

Artist:  Norman Laliberte

Title:  "The Seasons"

Medium:  Textile - Fabric And Mirror Glass

Size:  12' x 54"

Year Installed:  1990

Venue:  Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, Terminal 4 


Canada born artist Norman Laliberte fashioned the theme of four seasons for his design of four wall hanging banners. Incorporated various fabrics and small mirror glass, the imageries of flora and fauna from Florida were represented and hand-stitched onto a felt material. These colorful fabric banners adorn the ticket counter area in Terminal 4.


"Trying to represent in banner media various symbolism pertaining to the Broward County area, Fort Lauderdale and Florida in general. All banners have a band above of sky, sunrise, sunset and rainbow. Below, a band of water, beaches, ocean etc… Winter as a symbolic rendering of game fishes, tarpon, sailfish, dolphin etc… Spring: 400 species of birds in Florida mainly represented egret, gull, flamingo, mockingbird, state bird of Florida; flora as orange blossom; this Spring banner in essence depicts the continuous growth of the state of Florida. Summer: flowers of the state of Florida, hibiscus, oleander, poinsettia etc… 11 flowers and 1 butterfly represent the 12 flowering months in Florida. Fall: fishes, state flower (sabal palm) and state motto: Indian, boat and flag."