Les Fleurs Du Mal

Les Fleurs Du Mal, acrylic painting of a flower like image on a red background. 

Artist:  Tin Ly

Title:  "Les Fleurs Du Mal"

Medium:  Painting - Acrylic

Size:  50" x 72"

Year Installed:  1987

Venue:  Port Everglades

*Please contact Meredith Clements to arrange a viewing of this work.


Using a spontaneous painting technique of allowing the acrylic paint to be soaked on an unprimed canvas, the layers of poured paint is manipulated to form the imagery. The dark looming form appears to be floating in a somber red glow. This painting is installed at the Port Everglades Administration Building. Viewing is by appointment only.



Artist Statement

"Inspired by the French poet Beaudelaire, the imagery suggests a symbolic form of self expression. The reading of the form reveals reverie."