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Communal Dream

Communal Dream, a large scale painted mural of childrens' drawings.

Artist:  Tin Ly

Title:  "Communal Dream"

Medium:  Mural - Painted Mural

Size:  21'x 60' x 1'

Year Installed:  1999

Venue:  Homeless Assistance Center

  *email Jody Leshinsky to view by appointment only


Broward-based artist Tin Ly interviewed more than 40 homeless people, aged 4 to 54, about their lives and dreams and incorporated elements of their drawings into the 60-ft long outdoor mural in the inner courtyard of the Center. The line drawings are etched into the wall along with painted aluminum forms floating in front of the drawings. Some of the aluminum forms are repeated and incorporated into two gates design. Viewing is by appointment only, call 954-779-3990.

 Artist Statement

"My approach to this project is directly inspired by the drawings that I have collected from the homeless persons currently living at different facilities in Broward County, namely the Broward Outreach Center and Shepherd's Way. It has been a humbling experience for me to talk to the homeless people and learn about their life stories and plights. As they were willing to share their thoughts with me, the request to put those thoughts on paper in visual imagery followed. Due to a large quantity of materials and a variety of manner of drawing (I requested a line drawing approach), I could only select imageries that would convey an immediate reading. The subjects range from favorite outdoor activities, favorite indoor locations, favorite person in their life and "what would they do after they leave the Center?" The fortysome participants, ranged in age from 3 to 51.

With this collection of imageries, each representing a unique experience or dream, I perceive a common thread that holds these diverse emotional outpourings together. I asked myself how was I going to translate this powerful vision into a tangible form that would withstand elements and attain a permanency. Cave drawing and wall drawing came to mind. Then I recalled seeing a giant wall etching at the Marugame Museum in Japan while I was installing Duane Hanson's exhibition there. The visual impact was immediate and fresh. In this project, I want to preserve the simplicity, directness and quality of the imageries, but distort them with a high contrast of scale. To enliven the drawing with playfulness in some imageries, high key colors are added."


Artwork Images

Click thumbnails to enlarge images:

Detail of Communal Dream, a large scale painted mural of drawings. Detail of Communal Dream, a large scale painted mural of drawings. Detail of Communal Dream, a large scale painted mural of drawings. Detail of Communal Dream, a large scale painted mural of drawings. Detail of Communal Dream, a large scale painted mural of drawings. 


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