The Flame of Learning
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The Flame of Learning, a wooden sculpture resembling a flame.

Artist:  Henry Moretti

Title:  "The Flame of Learning"

Medium:  Sculpture - Wood

Size:  77" x 36" x 36"

Year Installed:  1981

Venue:  Hallandale Branch Library



Born in France, Moretti immigrated to the United States in 1951. Working as a design consultant, he turned to sculpting later in life. Inspired by Jean Arp and Brancusi, he explored the free flowing organic form primarily in wood which he has collected from different parts of the world. Here, he used Guanacaste wood with its pronounced grain and rich tonality to fashion "The Flame of Learning". Standing in the lobby of the Library, this sculpture greets patrons daily.


Artist Statement

"In this graceful wood sculpture, the artist, by guiding the form upward, achieves lightness through the use of negative space. The strength of the image, in contrast, is achieved through the grain and texture of the wood."