Hooded Oriole

"Hooded Oriole" is a collaged painting incorporating many different images such as birds, a dog, flower and a cupcake.
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Artist:  Robert Nathans

Title:  "Hooded Oriole"

Medium:  Collage

Size:  52" x 46"

Year Installed:  2008

Venue: Plantation Heritage Park, Fountain Room


Robert Nathan’s "Hooded Oriole" is located in the Fountain Room of the Plantation Heritage Park. This vibrantly colored artwork was created with oil on canvas and fabric collage. The amalgam of images represents the artist's memories of friends and colorful views from the artist's garden.

 Artist Statement

"The primed canvas surface is built-up with acrylic polymer and clothes once worn by lovers and friends who died with AIDS.  The oil painting is then begun on top while looking at cuttings from my garden."