Moment in Tamarac


Moment in Tamarac

Artist:  Raymond Olivero

Title:  "Moment in Tamarac"

Medium:  Photograph - Computer manipulated image

Year Installed:  2003

Venue:  Tamarac Community Library



Moment in Tamarac: From Whence We Come On a burnt sienna ground/water, a grouping of water lilies cast their shadow. Vignettes of wading white ibis ( bird symbol used on the City's seal), image of the seahorse with mermaid (found on the entryway of Tamarac's first residential community), along with architectural details of an interior and a nocturnal landscape, complete the composition. A ceramic tile boarder with the images of seahorse and mermaid frame the fresco glass mural. This mural is located on the left wall of a reading lounge as one enters the Library.


Artist Statement

"The wall, fresco glass and ceramic tile were conceived as one unified work of art."