Painted Version of Reality
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Thibaut Fagonde

"Painted Version of Reality"


6 minutes, 49 seconds


Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport



A Painted Version of Reality by Thibaut Fagonde explores visual artist Ed King’s world in and out of Kaleidoscope Conspiracy. His vision combines video footage and animation of King’s daily activities and inspiration in South Florida, as well as exposes the environment and daily activities of the world of Kaleidoscope Conspiracy characters. The visuals reiterate the vibrant colors of cityscapes and vegetations of South Florida.

Artist Statement 

"My vision was to fuse video footage and animation of Ed’s world and characters and turn it into a collage of vibrant colors and angles, while also celebrating and exposing South Florida’s diverse accoutrements. And of course keeping in mind my audience, you, the voyagers."