Play Airplane

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Artist:  Gary Shlifer

Title:  "Play Airplane"

Medium:  Video

Length:  7 minutes, 35 seconds

Year Installed:  2008

Venue:  Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport



As a child growing up in Philadelphia Gary acquired an early fascination with the water. It was probably the long summer days never leaving the pool or ocean to what he saw on Jacques Cousteaus Silent World that laid the foundation. Through high school and college he often used water and the marine environment as a theme for projects and study. He acquired a BA in Film Production and Marine Science.

His final undergraduate year was spent overseas working on a large underwater archaeology with the University of Haifa in the Mediterranean and Red Seas. Upon graduation he quickly moved to South Florida to be closer to the water.

Upon his move in late 1984 he began working for several motion picture production companies in the camera department. In the early 1990s he produced his first water themed film on the sport of personal watercraft racing and became a freelance cinematographer working on feature length and short films, national television commercials, documentaries and music videos.