Reach for the Stars


Reach for the starts, a pavilion with a roof of metal birds and stars. 


Beth Ravitz

"Reach For The Stars"

Sculpture - Installation

14' 9" x 19' x 24'


North County Homeless Assistance Center

*Please contact Meredith Clements to arrange a viewing of this work.





This site-specific sculpture functions as a gathering place at the Homeless Assistance Center courtyard. With open columns supporting a metal roof adorned with sculptural elements representing birds, leaves, stars and moons, this "house" invites different community activities to be conducted under the casted shadow of the roof. The twenty one seats with a center platform further suggest an "open forum" setting, designed to be integrated into this multi-purpose amenity. Viewing is by appointment only.


Artist Statement


"Reach for the Stars suggesting a house or home, can be experienced as both an inspirational meeting place in the courtyard of the facility and individually for reflective private time. The artwork consists of a sculptural roof covered in metal cutouts of birds, leaves, stars and moons that cast a shadow on the 21 seats underneath, creating the feeling of sitting underneath the dappled shade of a lush tree."