Wishing Vessels



Artist:  Cheryl Foster

6 Sculptures (see each below)

Medium:  Mixed Medium -Metal and Glass 

Year Installed:  2010

Venue:   Central Regional Family Success Center/ Edgar P. Mills Family Success Center


Artist Statement

"This series of six sculptures is dedicated to the individuals who will be served by this facility, the staff who will serve as a catalyst to enable them to achieve their goals, and Mr. Edgar P. Mills who worked tirelessly to sooth hearts and solve problems.”



"Blanketed with Love" by Cheryl Foster 

Title:  "Wishing Vessel, Blanketed with Love" 

Size:  5' x 5'

This sculpture of a child snuggled inside a large blanket symbolizes the universal duty to protect our young from harm.

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 "Family Ties that Bind" by Cheryl Foster

Title:  "Wishing Vessel, Family Ties That Bind"

Size:  8' x 5' 

Sculpted family figures adorn the top and side of a mosaic portrait of Edgar P. Mills.  This piece honors the people who struggle to hold their family unit together and the work that Mr. Mills did to strengthen those ties.

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"Keys to Life" by Cheryl Foster

Title:  "Wishing Vessel, Keys to Life"

Size:  7' x 4.5'

The light blue male figure with his hands raised and holding up a set of keys emerges from a bright blue glass-bottle mosaic.  This sculpture conveys that with a little help, the keys to life, being upward mobility and a positive future, are right in the palm of your hand. 

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"Phoenix" by Cheryl Foster


Title:  "Wishing Vessel, Phoenix"

Size:  11' x 12'

A strong gold winged male stands proudly atop a swirling glass mosaic base.  He represents the opportunities for rejuvenation and peoples' efforts of overcoming adversity.

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 "Pulsing with Life" by Cheryl Foster

Title:  "Wishing Vessel, Vessel"

Size"  7' x 5'

This sculpture is of an elderly woman adorned in a bright yellow, orange and white abstract mosaic dress.  She has raised arms balancing a planter filled with gold fruits above her head.  She reminds viewers to realize the spirit and vitality in elders. 

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"Vessel" by Cheryl Foster 

 Title:  "Wishing Vessel, Pulsating with Life"

Size:  8' x 4'

A tall proud figure of a pregnant woman wearing a glittery mosaic dress which sweeps all the way to the ground honors the women who carry and care for future generations.

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