Forces at Work

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Artists:  TM Sisters- Tasha & Monica Lopez de Victoria

Title:  "Forces at Work"

Medium:  Video

Length:  4 minutes, 39 seconds

Year Installed:  2008

venue:  Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport



Monica and Tasha Lopez de Victoria’s (aka The TM Sisters) Forces at Work chronicles the positive attributes of different people and their relation to the nature in Broward County. How individuals interact with each other under one vast and changing South Florida sky. The overall concept is about the psychological and emotional connections that we make and have with our surroundings, and with one another.


Artist Statement

"Vibrations of super powered spiritual existence and colorful musical soundscapes are around each of us. Although it is not visible to the eye, there is a lot of commotion moving in the space between the earth and the sky. Lightning bolts create a connection with the heavens and the earth. Electric and energized images are used by many bands to express the unseen emotional power in their music. Video games use flashed and busts to enhance actions and movements of the characters, objects, and environment. There is an extra presence and energy that exists between and around us all."