Color Photography
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"Reflections" by Margaret Tolbert & Nitin Jayaswal

The process of forming stable or permanent visible images directly or indirectly by the action of light or other forms of radiation on sensitive surfaces. Traditional photography uses the action of light to cause changes in a film of silver halide crystals in which development converts exposed silver halide to (nonsensitive) metallic silver. Following exposure in a camera or other device, the film or plate is developed, fixed in a solution that dissolves the undeveloped silver halide, washed to remove the soluble salts, and dried. Printing from the original, if required, is done by contact or optical projection onto a second emulsion-coated material, and a similar sequence of processing steps is followed. Digital photography captures images directly with an electronic photosensor.   (Reference:


Public Art and Design for this Medium

Title Artist
Instead of a Bridge Miles Coolidge
Supermarket Carts Earl Simmons
Reflections Margaret Tolbert & Nitin Jayaswal