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Lorna Jordan

Blurring the boundaries between sculpture, ecology, architecture, and theater, my artworks engage communities with place. They express a “systems aesthetic” and provide a dramatic play between form, process, and event. Pointing towards a sustainable future, many of my environments enhance watersheds and reveal the cycles and mysteries of water. 

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Becca Hanson

Landscape Architecture/Planning/Facilitation

Becca is a founding partner of The Portico Group, a Seattle based design firm dedicated to the development of compelling places that fuse natural learning opportunities with community gathering or recreational activities. A landscape Architect, Becca has developed widely recognized expertise in the interpretation and design of landscapes during her 20 years of professional practice.

Previous projects include: Snohomish River Ecology Center in Everett, Washington; Washington Park Arboretum, Seattle; Coos Head Eco-tourism Feasibility Study, Charleston, Oregon.

Steve Badanes

Landscape Architecture/Planning/Facilitation

Steve is a practicing architect whose commissions have included private homes, schools, public structures and landscape pavilions. Badenes is a founder of Jersey Devil, an architectural firm perpetuating the tradition of medieval craftsmen. The firm is comprised of skilled craftsmen, architects, inventors and artists "committed to the independence of building and design". Jersey Devil architects/builders live on-site during construction of their designs, which are known for energy efficiency and innovative use of materials.

Previous projects include: Natchez Pavilion, Seaside, Florida; Montessori Island School, Tavernier, Florida.

Wendy Brawer

Green Mapping

Wendy is a green map maker and ecological communications expert. She has experience in cross-cultural communication design and works with communities to develop green maps and networked intelligence. She also has an interest in promoting human-powered vehicles, renewable energy and efficiency, waste reduction, youth-oriented projects and identifying and promoting and linking environmental projects through Green Mapping.



PBS & J is committed to creating projects that educate and elucidate complex systems within the public realm. They were recently named as the General Consultant for the State of Florida's Everglades Restoration Program. Their experience and knowledge of the local landscape and its issues are key to our team's successes

Steve Modem

Sustainable/Community Design

Steve is a senior advisor to Seattle Public Utilities, where he oversees regional relations and sustainability initiatives. He is an advocate for strategies that link urban design and urban infrastructure with natural resources protection and restoration. He developed the award winning Salmon Friendly Seattle Program to inspire citizen participation in salmon friendly practices.

Steve Gatewood

Environmental Science