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Visit our 8,100 square-foot facility on the
1st floor of the Broward County Main Library ,
at 100 South Andrews Avenue
... in the heart of the Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale
Downtown Arts & Entertainment Center

The Broward County Cultural Division’s Cultural Information Center is a service of the Broward County Commission. 


The cultural community had a vision to create a gathering place for residents and visitors of Broward County.  In 1991, the idea for a one-stop shop for cultural information and tickets was conceived. The Broward County Commission’s Libraries Division offered space within the Main Library to house the Cultural Information Center. The Chamber of Commerce Cultural Committee kept moving this dream along. They were instrumental in acquiring pro-bono architectural design services. This preliminary plan was used in a grant application to the State Division of Cultural Affairs in 1999.


 Funding Sources

The Broward County Cultural Division created a plan for the development of the Cultural Information Center. They applied for and received a National Endowment for the Arts grant for $32,000 to create a pilot e-commerce online ticketing program.

The Cultural Division also applied for and received a grant from the Florida State Division of Cultural Affairs for $160,000 to plan and build the Cultural Information Center. Construction of the Cultural Information Center began in July 2001 and was completed in November 2001.



A public art marquee defines the entrance to the Cultural Information Center. The bright red artwork, complete with playful images carved into the metal supports, welcomes visitors into the lobby on the second street entryway. The public art was designed by artist Kim Krupnick, who also designed the entire Cultural Information Center.

The Cultural Information Center consists of a retail store with merchandise on consignment from Broward-based cultural organizations. The purpose of the retail store is to promote local cultural organizations and the work of local artists.

Other components include: gallery six, a fine arts gallery on the 6th floor of the Main Library; indoor and outdoor backlit posters; and an “electronic billboard.”


 Architectural Designer

The Cultural Information Center was designed by local artist Kim Krupnick. Since 1984, she has integrated modern design and effectiveness in local restaurants and other public places including the Cultural Information Center. She emphasizes simple forms by using different materials and manufacturing techniques to sculpture new environments that are friendly to customers and engaging to the eye.

Krupnick Studios, which opened in 1994, has given Kim, who is not only a partner but also lead designer in the firm, the opportunity to expand her visions.  Visit to learn more. 

From being named the “Most Accomplished Design Student” while attending the University of New Mexico where she graduated in 1989 to a three time winner of the AIA Award of Excellence for Design (1997,1999, 2000), Kim Krupnick continues to take on a formal presence in our community fusing utility and beauty into functional working art.


 Partner Organizations and Links

Many local government agencies and arts organizations have partnered with the Cultural Division to provide funding, technical assistance, and in-kind services to make the Cultural Information Center a place that serves the cultural arts needs of the public.

These organizations include:



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