Broward County's Community Design Toolbox
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Capital Redevelopment

County Commission goal seven is "to invest resources in cultural systems and cultural infrastructure that best support our region as a global destination, a center of learning, and a marketplace of diverse communities.”

Promoting regional redevelopment in collaboration with 31 municipalities is a major priority for the Broward County Commission, reflected in County Commission goal five.  As the County approaches build-out, redevelopment efforts will focus on well-planned projects which will provide a positive return on investment, promote cost-effective utilization of public resources, and attract high-quality development.

Broward County offers the community a wealth of resources to assist in making our neighborhoods a more aesthetically appealing environment in which to live.  This brochure is a toolbox of some of the resources available from the various agencies of Broward County Government. These programs identify various ways local governments, builders, and neighborhood and civic associations can impact design elements in our urban environment, including architecture, design, transportation, landscape and signage, to create a stronger ‘sense of place.’