CreativeBROWARD 2020

Creative Broward 2020 Plan

A Plan for Cultural & Economic Development in Broward County

The Cultural+Planning Group has been selected by Broward County to craft a 10-year Community Cultural Plan that examines diversity connected to Creative Economy, Cultural Tourism and Public Art and Design, and provides a comprehensive needs assessment, vision, draft legislation, policy framework, recommendations, strategies, funding requirements, funding sources, evaluation instrument, and benchmarks.


“I have to say big tip to hat to all the people here who participated in the CreativeBROWARD 2020 plan. You've done your homework; a lot of these ideas are already in your plan. It’s an excellent plan, one of the best I’ve ever seen. It's amazing and I encourage you all to read it.”

Jason Schupbach, Director of Design, National Endowment for the Arts
Comments made during Our Town & Design Arts Programs Lecture, Click here for Video
Museum of Art l Fort Lauderdale • January 26, 2012


Final Report: 
CreativeBROWARD 2020 - A Plan for Cultural and Economic Development in Broward County  Download Plan (PDF) (DOC)  

Executive Summary:
CreativeBROWARD 2020 - A Plan for Cultural and Economic Development in Broward County 

            Appendix A:  Implementation Grid  (PDF)  (DOC)
            Appendix B:  Local Arts Agency Comparative Study Data Grid  (DOC)   
            Appendix C:  Summary Report on Participation/Perceptions of Arts & Culture  (PDF)
            Appendix D:  Community Survey Supplement  (PDF)
            Appendix E:  Arts Organizational Survey  (PDF)
            Appendix F:  Creative Economy Best Practices
            Appendix G:  Proposed Legislative Language 

2020 Presentation - Plan Outline (PDF) 

2020 Organizational Chart (PDF) 

49 Recommendations (PDF)



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