2005 Arts Education

2005 Annual Report

arts education

Arts Education steers arts integration and community-based programs into the curriculum of Broward County schools. This section is responsible for the Sailboat Bend Artists Lofts and Hollywood, and five ArtsParks to be built within the next five years, in parks in the municipalities of Hollywood, Miramar, Central Broward Regional Park in Lauderhill, and Pembroke Pines.

Community Development has also provided public outreach in the award-winning County Cultural Forums which invite city mayors, managers, parks and recreation directors, and facility managers to participate in a forum for networking and sharing of ideas and visions. This year’s forum consisted of a presentation of the Broward County-Wide Community Design Guidebook, by architect Anthony Abbate, which was presented to the County’s Department of Urban Planning and Redevelopment in January 2005. 

Learning World Cultures Through the Arts was a very popular arts integration conference, attended by more than 300 teachers, teaching artists and community arts program administrators. Geared to enhance the quality of education within the classroom and community by using the arts to motivate student learning, the conference was a packed success in August of 2005.

Hosted by the Dillard Center for the Arts, the School Board of Broward County, Fla. and the Broward Cultural Division, this year’s conference featured 14 workshops from the Kennedy Center roster of teaching artists and faculty members of Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Drama. Workshops included Native American Stories, Exploring India and SeneGambia through Music, The Drama of Shakespeare, Visual Arts Conference, Enriching The Study of Mexican Culture, Freedom Songs of the Civil Rights Movement.

2005 Arts Teacher of the Year

In October, Lori Sessions, a drama teacher at J.P. Taravella High School was honored with the Arts Teacher of the Year award in a year that was the 20th anniversary celebration of this highly successful and influential program. The surprise announcement of the winner was made to Sessions at the annual Cappie Awards ceremony—South Florida’s Tony equivalent—of which Sessions is the founder.

A number of critical informational tools were spearheaded this year; 2005 Family Arts and Ride Guide was created as a partnership project between the Broward Cultural Division and Mass Transit Division. The guide is a comprehensive listing of family-oriented arts programs available in Broward County, complete with a full-scale map, plotting bus routes and major thoroughfares to cultural facilities that have family arts programming.>

The Arts in Education Directory is a new, online listing of the cultural organizations and teaching artists available to schools and communities. Listings appear by discipline, contact information, background, programs, years of experience, language and culture, and give special acknowledgment to Kennedy-Center-trained and School Board-endorsed instructors and organizations. The Directory can be found online at www.broward.org/arts/aie.

The Division partnered on an Arts in Education initiative and more than $100,000 in funding was allocated to arts education activities by the Children’s Services Council of Broward County. The funds were targeted to increase the availability of the after-school programs and summer programs for all children, including those with special needs, at more than 100 Maximizing-Out-of-School Time (M.O.S.T.) sites. The Division worked with funded locations to support arts education activities during the second semester of the school year through June 2005.

Arts Education also supports an arts integration grant program, where Broward County schools are invited to apply for grant monies up to $10,000 to support projects that facilitate collaborations between individual artists, cultural organizations and schools.

Innovation Zone Artist in Residency Grant

1. Park Springs Elementary – Location 3171 – Type 1
Project: Lights! Camera! Action!: Spotlight on the Past
Contacts: Camille Pontillo, Principal
Sabrina Miceli, Project Coordinator
Amount: $10,000
(North Area)

2. Parkway Middle – Location 0701 – Type 2
Project: Moments In Time: Integrating Playback for a Dramatic Twist in Teaching Social Studies, Language Arts, and Drama Education
Contacts: David Hall, Principal
Edward Meszaros, Project Coordinator
Amount: $10,000
(South Central Area)

3. The Quest Center – Location 1021 – Type 4
Project: Math in the LIME Light: Learning In Multisensory Environments
Contacts: Raquel Cobb, Principal
Debra Kalitan, Project Coordinator
Amount: $10,000
(South Area)

4. Bethune Elementary – Location 0341 – Type 1
Project: We Are One – Africa Inside and Out
Contacts: Mary Lou Ridge, Principal
Joy Carter, Project Coordinator
Amount: $10,000
(South Area)

5. Dillard Center for the Arts – Location 0371 – Type 3
Project: Literacy Connections Through the Arts: A Professional Development Opportunity for Teachers and Artists
Contacts: Merceda Stanley, Principal
Bruce Brown, Project Coordinator
Amount: $23,000
(South Central Area)