Family Arts & Transit Guide
Broward County Cultural Division and Broward County Transit have partnered for the third time, to bring residents a fully comprehensive Family Arts & Transit Guide. With a new name and a new look, the Family Arts & Transit Guide will continue to service an audience that has historically received it very well, with good reason! This publication has been very welcomed within the Broward community for its simplicity, clarity, and crucial listings of information.

One of the many services offered by the Cultural Division to the more than 575 not-for-profit cultural organizations and resident families, the guide is a listing of organizations that offer arts programming, for families, by name, location, phone number and website, and the transit route to get there.

A full-scale map is provided, plotting bus routes and major thoroughfares, as well as cultural facilities that offer family arts programming. It is easy to decipher, as it is divided into color-coded quadrants.

Organizations and cities not shown on the map operate at multiple facilities or do not have a fixed address. The guide is clear and compact for convenient storage in your handbag or desk drawer, for fast and easy access when planning a family event. For bus route schedules and information, call customer service at 954-357-8400, or

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