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County Auditor's Office
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Evan A. Lukic

115 S. Andrews Avenue, Room 520
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
phone: 954-357-7590
fax: 954-357-7592

The Office of the County Auditor is mandated by the County Charter, as promulgated on July 1, 2003. The County Auditor is nominated by an independent board and appointed by a majority of the County Commission. In order to maintain independence and objectivity in reviews of County operations and administration, the appointed Auditor reports results of activities directly to the full Commission.

Responsibilities of this office include internal audit functions; the review of business practices, procedures, internal controls and procurement practices which are used, employed and promulgated by county government; and administration of the annual independent financial audit. The County Auditor reviews and approves all internal operating procedures and administrative orders; reviews legislation, ordinances and policy actions adopted by the Board; analyzes County operations and financial records; and provides recommendations when feasible to correct or improve the accountability, efficiency and effectiveness of County agencies and programs.

The County Auditor supports the County Commission through review and analysis of Commission agenda items prior to Board meetings, attendance at Board meetings and workshops, and, upon Commissioner request, review of any matter related to County business.



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